Monday, August 08, 2005

Role Model

Role Model, aka Johan Kotlinksi, is the man responsible for creating Little Sound DJ, a piece of software that allows you to compose music on a gameboy. That makes him a bit of a legend on the chiptunes scene, not something you can attribute to many people around the world...

A New Fragrance is his latest release. Originally it came out on Retinascan as a 3" CD, but the album has now been released on 8bitpeoples under a CC license making it free to download. Boy Afraid, New Balance and IMG3BD5 are all taken from this album, while the rest are tracks taken from his website

4 My People/Kinetiskt Porslin is a remix of Missy Elliott

Role Model - Boy Afraid.mp3
Role Model - New Balance.mp3
Role Model - IMG3BD5.mp3
Role Model - Snare Rush Disco.mp3
Role Model - Sol Bakom Liding.mp3
Role Model - Pan Arabian Nights.mp3
Role Model - Bleeper 2.mp3
Missy Elliott + Role Model - 4 My People/Kinetiskt Porslin.mp3

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