Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kenneth James Gibson

One half of Electronic Music Composer, Kenneth James Gibson seems to release under quite a few aliases. His site, has lots of free mp3s of his various projects

For all you Streets fans, Don't Mug Yourself is given quite a nice treatment here (grime + glitch = gritch? glime? - maybe grimecore, who knows...)

Echo Youth is a little like Shitmat-lite

The dubLoner track sounds a bit like Ricardo Villalobos making a dub record

And that concludes today's one sentence summaries....

Genre crossovers seem to be all the rage at the moment, I'm just wondering where it will end (Britney Spears releasing a gabba track is thankfully a threshold we have yet to cross...)

Eight Frozen Modules - Don't Mug Yourself.mp3
Eight Frozen Modules - Echo Youth.mp3
dubLoner - Blurry Udder.mp3

That "Echo Youth" is dopeness. You have the boom selection.

cool tune - think I prefer the other two though...
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