Saturday, October 02, 2004

Cab Calloway / Duke Ellington / Mr Scruff

The Open Source Audio pages at are splendid as far as I'm concerned. My favourite is the 78rpm section where people have digitized their collections of old records. Haven't had a chance to listen to them all, but two tracks that stand out are:

Cab Calloway - The Man From Harlem.mp3
Duke Ellington & His Kentucky Club Orchestra - East St Louis Toodle-oo.mp3

I love the sound quality of these two tracks... sounds like something cLOUDDEAD would do on purpose.

Listening to these tracks again reminded me of my recent trip to Bristol to see Mr Scruff do an amazing 6 hour DJ set. Poor bloke looked exhausted at the end...

Mr Scruff - Beyond.mp3
Mr Scruff - Get A Move On.wma

There's never enuff Scruff.
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