Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Advantage

A guitar band!

(Kind of... from the website it appears they don't actually use guitars - just 3 synths and a drumkit, but still...)

Any group of musicians who name themselves 'The...' make most reasonable people inherently nervous nowadays, but don't worry, I haven't grown my hair or stopped washing. I couldn't let this pass - garage rock-style covers of nintendo tunes. Shows you how good those tracks were, as they translate into better tracks than the entire output of most of the genre's tantrum-prone self-important little starlets combined

The Metroid track sounds quite a bit like something Slint might have made

For a different take on Megaman, check out Saskrotch

The Advantage - Megaman 2 (Dr Wiley).mp3
The Advantage - Gremlins 2 (Level 2).mp3
The Advantage - Metroid (Kraid's Hideout).mp3
The Advantage - Contra (Aliens' Lair + Boss).mp3
The Advantage - Batman (Return of the Joker).mp3

the minibosses also did an awesome metroid cover on guitar and bass- complete with 'dying sound' and a return to the title theme! most excellent.
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