Sunday, July 10, 2005


Bern is from Lille in France and makes exquisite minimal house, reminiscent of Murcof's work in its minute detail

Pour Les Oiseaux is my favourite of the tracks below. It appeared on last month's collaborative effort from Sinergy Networks and Thinner, called Thinnergy

Burbuja and Ritmo Calido see Bern remixing Sinergy boss LOD aka Luis Ortiz (follow Sinergy link above to see my brief interview with him) Ritmo Calido takes a while to get going, but the melody in the background becomes the track's saving grace

Historic 4 is another really strong track, although it peters off into monotony after a good intro. LOD returns the remixing duties too...

Bern - Pour Les Oiseaux.mp3
LOD - Burbuja (Bern Remix).mp3
LOD - Ritmo Calido (Bern Remix).mp3
Bern - Historic 4.mp3
Bern - Historic 4 (LOD Remix).mp3

Is there a reason that you're making some of the links a php redirect? It makes it hard to save the files easily.. and I'm not using a grabber, just my browser..

sorry - laziness. I've changed them now...
...uh - but they don't work now...
I'm only having trouble getting the top tune (sod's law would of course select the best tune to fuck up), and I think this is due to a problem with Scene's servers. Nothing I can do I'm afraid - sure its only temporary though, they're normally pretty reliable. Should work tomorrow...
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