Wednesday, October 27, 2004

John Peel

John Peel with Captain Beefheart

An inspiration to countless people and one of the greatest contributors to today's music scene, John Peel will be sorely missed by a vast number of people around the world.

I wanted to post a Peel Session, along with him speaking. These tracks are taken from the People Like Us session, 2003.

John Peel 01.mp3
John Peel 02.mp3
People Like Us - Abridged Too Far (Peel Session).mp3
John Peel 03.mp3
John Peel 04.mp3
People Like Us - Cattle Call (Peel Session).mp3
John Peel 05.mp3
John Peel 06.mp3
People Like Us - Doody Waltz (Peel Session).mp3
John Peel 07.mp3
John Peel 08.mp3
John Peel 09.mp3
John Peel 10.mp3
People Like Us - Do or DIY (Peel Session).mp3
John Peel 11.mp3

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Thanks for remembering John Peel via this post. Course the man's legacy can power blogs for years to come! Keep up the hard work, and thanks again for being a model.
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