Friday, July 01, 2005

The Tailors

A first, as far as I'm aware, for the site - an unsigned band!

The Tailors are an alt-country group (bit out of place here? - maybe, but even the hardest gabba-head needs a little variation from time to time...) who sound a little like a less lo-fi, more upbeat, countrified version of The Microphones

You can catch them live at the promisingly titled Acid Country Festival at the Windmill in Brixton on Saturday 9th July 2005, sharing the bill with Piney Gir Country Roadshow, Swank, Alan Tyler Band, Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys, Stagecoach and Treecreeper. They're also playing the following dates if you can't make it there

20th July - What's Cookin' (Leytonstone)
29th July - Tapestry Goes West (Cornwall)
7th August - Nicefest (Leeds)
7th September - The Freebutt (Brighton)
17th September - Grand Old Ropey (Camden)

The Tailors - Diamonds.mp3
The Tailors - Backslap Club.mp3

You can get more of their tracks here, should you wish

the microphones? don't you think the similarity to wilco is just a wee bit more prevelant?
mmmm... those links are often just a lame attempt to redirect traffic around the site. i agree - they do sound like wilco
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