Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Small Good Thing

A Small Good Thing

Going to be having a little Leaf focus for a few days here, following on from the Asa Chang post this week. Consistently one of the best labels around at the moment, I think they deserve a little more attention.

Slim Westerns is a great name for the album, as the music is highly evocative and you could quite easily imagine it being from a film. There are two videos on the Leaf site for the track 'A Mighty Stillness', one the official video filmed by Toby Amies, the other directed by Rob Rae.

The following are my favourite two tracks I have heard from the wealth of free tracks available from the Leaf site and from Epitonic.

A Small Good Thing - Saloon Dreams (edit).mp3
A Small Good Thing - El Mariachi Loco (The Siesta).mp3

Short Film by Rob Rae.wmv
'A Mighty Stillness' Official Video filmed by Toby Amies.wmv

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