Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Following on from yesterday's 8bitpeoples Profile, I thought I'd continue the chipmusic/bitpop(etc) theme with some other examples

Any of you who have downloaded any dodgy versions of games may have come across the installer below (this one's empty for any copyright lawyers watching). Aside from providing you with a free game, the installer is also loaded with two seriously cool tunes (press the music button to scroll through them - the second one is especially good) The music seems to be set up to provide an eternal loop, similar to alot of old computer games, I guess to save on memory usage...

Myth Installer.exe

The reason I've included this in the post (aside from the awesome music), is because the Beepdealers are using this format to distribute their work. Included in their application are two low-res looping videos and plenty of tunes (I haven't counted exactly how many) - all in a 450k zip file. To load the application, just run the .exe file in the zip archive. There's talk on the Beepdealer's website of a second Chipdisk being released soon...

Beepdealers Chipdisk

On my search for an appropriate image for this post I came across these zipped wav files of the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat on the NES - thought I'd share

Mortal Kombat - Warrior
Mortal Kombat - Character Select
Mortal Kombat - The
Mortal Kombat - The
Mortal Kombat - Tsung's Throne
Mortal Kombat - Goro's

The soundtrack to the movie rocks...old skool! All hail KMFDM or MDFMK or whatever the hell they are right now.
thanks for sharing the links.
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