Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Tigrics aka Robert Bereznyei hails from Budapest and has played alongside Autechre and Leafcutter John to name but a few

He begins his first UK tour on 28th June 2005, dates are as follows:

28th June - The Pool Bar, London
29th June - Hive Club, Liverpool
30th June - Smallfish Instore, London
1st July - Barden's Boudoir, London
2nd June - Cube Cinema, Bristol
6th July - The Font Bar, Mancherster

His music ranges from fluttering ambient electroacoustic type stuff to slightly darker, more intense electronica. Highpoint Lowlife are providing his 2005 EP Mint Egy Befejezono for free (below) and there's this index with a couple of his live sets to download too

Tigrics - He, Jelfej!.mp3
Tigrics - Kell Omd.mp3
Tigrics - Ebek 1.30 (Megvagtam Mix).mp3
Tigrics - Aztan Varosokban Ebredtem.mp3
Tigrics - Kossuth Lajos Tca Mix.mp3
Tigrics - Ujrafarkas.mp3

Man, do we have similar taste. I was SUPER into those two old Tigrics albums from 2002, but I lost them in a drive crash.

Thank you so much for reminding me of him..

actually drapdap is the only cd you can buy. people at neon music hungary are nice and they pack sticker with your cd :)
however évveszteseknek is the one i like even better.
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