Wednesday, October 20, 2004



About time I got back to Warp...

Plaid have such a distinctive style and sound that you can tell your listening to them almost immediately.

'Squance' was the first Plaid track I heard, and I fell in love with their soft but hectic sound then and there. 'Fell' is a web-only exclusive track that was part of the promotion for the Double Figure album (in my view their best one)

Plaid - Squance.mp3
Plaid - Fell.mp3

For their last full-length album, there was a microsite on which you had to complete a puzzle in order to get the promo track... Go here if you have your thinking cap on, or for you less cerebrally active types...

Plaid -

Plaid have also done some pretty cool remixes, including the following...

Bjork - Cover Me (Plaid Mix).mp3
Goldfrapp - Utopia (Plaid Mix).mp3

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