Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Not often I hear guitar-driven music that I like nowadays, but there are exceptions, and Battles is certainly one. Found this track whilst leafing through the hundreds of free tracks at Insound and I think its excellent.

Comprising of members of four previous bands I thought it right to check out their earlier work, and I came across the Don Caballero track on Epitonic. The first half of this one is awesome...

Battles - IPT2.mp3
Don Caballero - That Peter Criss Jazz.mp3

Dim Mak's website has a pretty cool feature where you can listen to any of their MP3s at random, allowing you to become acquainted with a range of their artists. Just load a song and you'll see the random track thing. Must admit I didn't like anything I heard as much as Battles, but hey...

Apologies for the lack of pictures but my new internet connection seems a little bit choosy about what I do at the moment...

I love Don Caballero! The drummer, Damon Che is absolutely amazing.
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