Saturday, October 23, 2004

Susumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota

Some of the good press Yokota has been getting:

"In the grand tradition of Japanese minimalism, Yokota's supremely ambient sound odysseys beguile and delight, moving ever-so-slowly towards their gentle climaxes with gorgeous precision" The Face

"Pretty much flawless" The Sunday Times

"An exquisitely chilled delight" Q ****

"Truly amazing, a perfectly poised amalgam of easygoing chillout and laidback warmth" The Wire

"God-like genius" Sleazenation

Susumu Yokota - Morino Gakudan.mp3
Susumu Yokota - Future Tiger.mp3

Nice. I just compared, and "Future Tiger" is definitely sampling "Dead Already" from Thomas Newman's American Beauty soundtrack.
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