Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Packaging is rarely an issue for me when it comes to buying music. With the advent of downloadable music, it has been relegated to the point of almost being irrelevant. This said, the artwork for Vitalic's OK Cowboy is what initially drew me to the record. To put it simply, it's wonderful

But while, in this case, the good artwork reflects the quality of the music (the reason we're buying the CD in the first place), it seems a number of the bigger labels (read shitter labels...) have cottoned on to the fact that having some cutting edge graphic designer draw up a cover for your latest release gives it a certain legitimacy. If you can make it look like it is being released by some avant-garde, super-cool label, you might just fool people into thinking the music sounds avant-garde and super-cool. An example of this is the cover for the new Röyksopp album 'The Understanding' (here). It's a nice bit of design, but masks the unmistakably crap music

Polkamatic is the first track from OK Cowboy. Fantastically addictive (as first tracks ought to be...), the melody jolts along, slightly changing tempo occasionally leading eventually to a farting horn-style bass. It's done with all the pomp and glee of something that might pass for a 'fun' number at the end of an otherwise repectable orchestral performance. Instrumental pop music at it's best...

Vitalic - Polkamatic.mp3

fantastically frantic!
mea gusto.

only know vitalic's bjork remix and i wasn't really taken by that one.

Hey. Great track. But it's cut after 1.53. Then there is silence.
Can this be fixed?
I'm afraid not - that's how long the track is

There might be an extended mix lurking around somewhere though...
this really is a fantastic album. it sneaks up on you.
Great track. I gotta disagree about the Royksopp, though. It is good pop and while definitely "shiny," it has many layers that reveal, to me, expert craftmen. I really do enjoy it.
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