Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Alfredtoc makes breakcore using microscopic sounds - microcore if we need a knee-jerk genre definition. It's really promising - microhouse without the often boring-as-fuck beat. It works really well too, breakcore was eventually going to have to co-opt the microsound if it was to get any more complex - the smaller the sound the more you can fit in to half of a third of a millisecond

My only complaints are that there isn't much variation between the 'snare' sounds, and the tracks lack structure - no ups and downs, just ons and offs. By this I mean they never build into drops, the beat is either there, or it's switched off. This makes the tracks feel a little flat at times

My favourite part has to be the dark intro to Free Looping Ja, before the vocal sample comes in - the vocal makes it sound like a more intricate Prefuse 73, and the vintage jazz samples only serve to further this. The album is called Decousu, and is available from the new-ish netlabel Bedroom Research

Alfredtoc - Free Looping Ja.mp3
Alfredtoc - Abeyance.mp3
Alfredtoc - I'm Not.mp3
Alfredtoc - Toujours de Beaux Tricots.mp3

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