Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fisk Industries

There's a bit of BoC in here (easy comparison I know...), from the name to the warm analogue sounds. 70s Jets is the stand out track - brilliantly evocative name (another feature wisely inherited from Eoin & Sandison)

Fisk Industries are playing at The Pool Bar in London on 28th June 2005, sharing the bill with Tigrics

Also, watch this space - seems to be fairly promising...

Fisk Industries - 70s Jets.mp3
Fisk Industries - Todo Por La Patria.mp3
Fisk Industries - Czar Promo.mp3
Fisk Industries - Can't Breathe.mp3

Hey am really liking all the new music on the site and have finally managed to save it to my mac! The new show has begun at the modern art oxford, I was thinking of going along to it on wednesday you should come along, my email = (sally)
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