Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tokenrove & Retsyn

So August was a little quiet around here, but fear not, as instead of idling, I was hard at work preparing definitely one, but possibly two mega-exciting developments. As Dozer is toddling towards it's first birthday, pulling the cat's tail and babbling incoherently all the way, I thought it about time to extend operations here. As I'm not quite finished, I can't be more precise but it won't be long - hopefully within the week!

Tokenrove and Retsyn are responsible for the latest release on Polygon Network, a netlabel run by those responsible for the excellent Radio Free Polygon blog. It's a chiptune sound without any assault on the ears, and Snail's Theme in particular is exquisite - a cross between the more melodic BBC Radiophonic stuff and the Tetris theme. It's one of those tunes you leave it on repeat and just turn the volume up a bit when it starts again. Baroquenaphobia sounds very authentic - it could quite easily have been featured in something involving beards and dragons on the NES

As with most netlabel releases, you can get the whole thing for free. Follow the Polygon Network link above and then use some nous to find it

Tokenrove - Snail's Theme.mp3
Retsyn - Baroquenaphobia.mp3

This is oddly captivating. I've been having this on repeat for a bit.

hey! i like your blog!

hey wait.. i've been here before.

thanks for the kind words.
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