Saturday, May 21, 2005


This is a taster for what you'd be getting with the 1 hour live set available here

This track is taken from Full English Breakfest Volume 2, available on Planet Mu. Raggacore/speedhall mentalism at its best...

Shitmat - Dubplate Murder Sound.mp3


thanks...hope i like it...but i will...andso-on...
Isn't it Full English BreakfEst?
Not sure if i'm feeling the utter hilarity of this stuff but I spose it makes a change from po-faced IDMism. ;)
it is indeed - must have been hungry when writing the post...
The post was really cool with nice variety.
This is a post with different taste. I am impressed and thankful.
it is indeed - a good post that must have been hungry when writing the post.
Full English Breakfast Volume is too good to read about.I love food so I was looking forward to this type of track..
Must have been hungry when writing the post...
Very colorful . Really amazing .
So, altogether not very helpful. Duane's efforts I'm sure made more inroads. I have heard nothing from Cultural Survival nor Survival International.
This track is really beautiful.thanks for sharing it.
wow i want one like this. i am going to search one to purchase.
Hope that your future articles will be as funny as this one because i almost fell on the floor reading your post.
Another mind blowing post . Letter should be post to every body .
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