Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Netlabel Profile: Sinergy Networks

Decided to drop the interviews from the netlabel profiles for a while, primarily because the same questions seem to crop up again and again. May resume them again if I can come up with anything new

Sinergy Networks is run by Luis Ortiz (aka LOD, remixer of two of the tunes below), who also runs the commercial label Klitekture. Both are based in the Canary Islands, and deal exclusively with minimal house/techno - essentially danceable glitch-based music. By danceable, I mean rarely straying from a 4/4 beat, which can be frustrating at times, but most of the artists manage to incorporate enough into the tunes to keep your brain occupied as well as your feet

The glitch genre seems to have been born out of a desire to deconstruct and fragment music into an almost unrecognisable form, so for the glitch to be re-introduced into a more orderly type of music may seem odd. Whether or not you can look at minimal house as being an evolution from traditional house or a reaction against the increasingly undanceable, glitch-based IDM is debatable, but either way, its emergence allows for the dimissal of the empty claims concerning the 'death' of 'dance' music

Franco Cinelli - Sense (LOD Remix).mp3

Highly addictive, rolling melody that almost isn't there aside from the drop in pitch. The mistake a lot of minimal artists make is to over-compensate for the smallness of their sounds by making them obtrusively loud, but in this track the subtlety pays off

Sarah Goldfarb - Absolut Funk (LOD Remix).mp3
Sarah Goldfarb - Absolut Funk (Abstract Groove Remix).mp3

More discernable melody than the Cinelli track. The Abstract Groove mix is that harder of the two, with a thundering kickdrum running throughout

Abstract Groove - Roughen.mp3

Nice seperation of sounds here - really dark tune

All mp3s are encoded at 256kbps, and all are from 2005 releases apart from Roughen

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