Thursday, March 31, 2005


I've just come across this and I fucking love it. Go here to get the lowdown on the Trollofon project as it takes a little explanation. Essentially, Norway's best get together once in a while to produce some predictably excellent music on an old Skoda trolleybus, while it moves on its route. The power source for the gig is the overhead rail itself, so if the musicians go a bit crazy, the entire trolleybus network grinds to a halt

I've chosen a couple of these gigs to post, but the others are available here should you want them. The first is by Alog, who makes some gorgeous Phonophani style sounds. If you want another track by Alog, get over to it's a trap! - an excellent site for scandinavian music where you can get the superb 'The Youth of Mysterious Conversations'. The second set is by Kim Hiorthøy who is justifiably getting a lot of coverage at the moment. About time too...

Trollofon No 4 - Alog.mp3
Trollofon No 5 - Kim Hiorthøy.mp3

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