Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Venetian Snares

Him again. I'm sorry for constantly posting about him, but something came up and I had to mention it. I promise this will be the last Snares post for a while though...

I'm quite fond of signed television (for the deaf) - it adds a new element to the mundane shit that's normally on TV. Not that I can read sign language, but anyway...

The programs are on when I tend to be watching TV, and last night was no exception. The BBC does a good job when it comes to programming for the deaf - they sign the regular TV shows and produce a number of shows specifically designed for the deaf too - one of which is called See Hear - the one I happened to be watching last night

At around 1am, something was happening to do with the Eiffel Tower, when all of a sudden, on comes the dulcet tones of Venetian Snares' Hiszékeny. On a program specifically designed for deaf people. I offer my congratulations to the Beeb for creating a uniquely ironic moment on British television. The first (?) and possibly last time the music of one of the best producers in the world was featured on a BBC program, was in a program specifically designed for people unable to hear it


'Dad' is a deeply personal track that takes the form of a conversation with a dead father, discussing the son's lasting memories of him. It's part of the Winter In The Belly Of A Snake medley that's available here

Venetian Snares - Dad.ogg

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