Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mini Roc

Mini Roc is Germany's Jan Michelbach, and the name is a both a reference to micro music/chiptunes, and to the german word for mini skirt (mini rock) - which may explain the slight campness of some of the tracks. I haven't posted it, but the vocal in '' (available here, along with all the other tunes I didn't post) sounds like Stephen Hawking at a gay techno dance-off (if those such things exist)

As for the tracks I did post, Rave On, You Zappelphilipp! is an 8 bit anthemic ode to happy hardcore, complete with dropping piano, played at half speed ( 00-FF is a fairly standard chiptune - fuzzy bassline driving a series of high pitched bleeps - nice anyway. Untitled qualifies the Roc in Mini Roc, as its the nearest thing to a rock track. Don't get me wrong, it sounds nothing like a coventional rock tune, but the short sound that builds into a longer, chugging guitar-like sound reminds me of a few stoner rock bands that I'd care not to mention

Mini Roc - Rave On, You Zappelphilipp!.mp3
Mini Roc - 00-FF.mp3
Mini Roc - Untitled.mp3

Mini Roc features on the new, ultra-eclectic first release from German netlabel Digitalkunstrasen, alongside other such highlights as jen SE and firestARTer, but mixed in with all sorts of other stuff. Personally, I'm not sure the mix pays off, but you can have a listen for yourself and see. I've posted my favourite tracks from the release, but you can get all of them here

Mini Roc - Select A.mp3
jen SE - Musicka.mp3
Schokoknubbel - Hässliche Menschen Sind Schöne Menschen In Nicht Schön.mp3

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