Saturday, May 07, 2005


I want to go to Norway!

Rune Grammofon is one of the finest labels in the world at the moment and missing their showcase at the Sonar Festival in 2004 is a major regret. Everything about the label just seems to be perfectly judged, from the range of artists to the artwork, directed by none other than Norwegian graphic design maestro and ambient, cutting-room-floor musician Kim Hiorthøy

I posted Alog's Trollofon session a while back, so if you heard that you know what to expect here. I think their work falls somewhere between that of their labelmate Phonophani with its melancholic, flickering bleeps and Fennesz's sprawling fuzzy soundscapes

'Severe Punishment and Lasting Bliss' and 'Pesce Spada' are taken from 2005's Miniatures album and 'Idea-Changing Liquid Alchemy' is from 2001's Duck-Rabbit release

Alog - Severe Punishment and Lasting Bliss.mp3
Alog - Pesce Spada.mp3
Alog - Idea-Changing Liquid Alchemy.mp3

There's also this short film set to their music which makes for pleasant watching


I agree, Alog makes great music. A unique sound! You mentioned that Alog sounds somewhere between Phonophani and Fennesz, and that's not a band comparison; actually ALOG IS Phonophani (Espen Sommer Eide) + Dag Are Haugan, two great musicians from the small & beautiful town of Tromsö, in the north of Norway (same town as Biosphere, Röyksopp, Bel Canto/Anneli Drecker, Frost, Lene Marlin and several other artists come from).
Their album "miniatures" is one of the best I've heard in alo(n)g time...
I thought they sounded almost *too* similar - thanks for the information!
These are my favourite labels:

Tromsö is a great city to just absorb.
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