Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The series is, apparently, over. There has been a mixed reception to say the least, and while he has taken a lot of stick for it, there are a few great moments (although perhaps not enough for 11 releases...)

While side b of Analord 8 has had my attention recently, it was side b of Analord 2 that first attracted me to the series. Pissed Up In SE1's sad, childlike melody is highly addictive - annoying in a sense as it can get stuck firmly in your head. Bwoon Dub is a sparse, simple tune (although no doubt fiendishly difficult to make), revolving mostly around a ticking drum machine and a heavy, round bassline. Both seem to be Aphex Twin stripped right back to the essential basics - not a single iota is unnecessary

This is a more restrained, disciplined RDJ - seemingly more grown up. Should we welcome it? I'm not sure - part of the pleasure of his music is his flair for experimentation, the wildness and the weirdness. Analord somehow seems slightly devoid of character - particularly his character. Roll on the regression...

AFX - Pissed Up In SE1.mp3
AFX - Bwoon Dub.mp3

Check out Filaria for more acid...

thank you for posting these.
i hadn't really heard/read anything about AFX' analord releases, apart from the fact that they exist...

richard is a really weird man, indeed.
I like your blog... really It's very interesting for reading and informative. Thanks very much for sharing it.... keep posting.... I wish you all the best for your feature work.

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