Monday, July 04, 2005

Venetian Snares

Had a lot of new stuff here recently, so I thought it about time to undertake the massive journey back to 2003, to The Chocolate Wheelchair Album

Ghetto Body Buddy sees Snares encroaching upon label mate Shitmat's territory (in the dub/raggacore sense rather than the taking-the-piss sense). What sets this track apart from Shitmat is the variation in the beat that is typical of Funk's work - constantly shifting rhythms leaping about between your speakers. This is one of those tracks that illustrates Snares' own description of himself as someone who pays massively close attention to his snares (hence the name)

The highlights in this track are in the first minute and a half - the sound at 0:36 thats only repeated a couple of times and introduces a change of beat is awesome, and then a dub-like sound stems from it and develops, however briefly, into the 'squeeze the trigger' vocal. It shows the quality of his work when he can then just drop this and move on to something else - an awful lot of artists would have stretched those few seconds into an entire track

You might recognise this tune from his live set, available here - it comes on after around 10 minutes

Venetian Snares - Ghetto Body Buddy.mp3

christsauce. that is beautiful. i wonder who the patron saint of this is.

apologies for bringing my recent obsession with catholicism here.

essential skating to school dodging every manner of flying debris and automobile song.
just found this - its taken from his self-released 1998 cassette Spells. A distorted, grand-piano-like melody provides the dark base for the track, onto which is put a scary falling melody that you might expect from some goth rock band, over which he puts some rattling snares


Venetian Snares - Dan Nyborg Is Nice.mp3
Also, you can check out the track Contain from Snares upcoming album Meathole here
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