Sunday, May 01, 2005

Venetian Snares

I'm going to start a new feature here shortly, profiling netlabels. the first one is in production as we speak - so watch this space

In the mean time, go and check out Music Forest's Electronic Music Composer post or get these V Snares mp3s. 'Twelve' is the first track on 2004's Infolepsy EP, and the first tune he plays in the awesome breezeblock set available here. 'Tattoo' is from Winter in the Belly of a Snake, and is part of the medley of tracks available here

Venetian Snares - Twelve.mp3
Venetian Snares - Nepetalactone.mp3
Venetian Snares - Tattoo.mp3
Venetian Snares - Weinerpeg Mannertoeba.mp3

If you have some time to kill...

Download Venetian Snares - Look.mp3 from the Songs About My Cats album and convert it into a .wav file. Then download Spectrogram (right-click and Save As) and run the .wav through it. You should see a few pictures of the cats in question. You might need to fiddle with the program settings a little bit...
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