Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fog / Why?

Fog are supporting Subtle this month when they come over to play their Arm & Extravaganza tour. Found this gem of a track by them, remixed by Kid Koala.

Fog - Check Fraud (Kid Koala Mix).mp3
Fog - Pneumonia.mp3

The other track reminds me a little of Why? from cLOUDDEAD and the stuff he has done on his own. Turns out that Andrew Broder from Fog and Yoni Wolf (Why?) have a project together, and as you might expect, its awesome. Couldn't find any mp3s for Hymie's Basement, but you can listen to them at Bleep, or watch a pretty cool video at their website. Why? has some stuff on the Anticon website:

Why? - Lady Fingerz.mp3
Why? - Darla.mp3
Why? - Early Whitney.mp3
Why? - Hahaha/You'll Know Where Your Plane Is.mp3

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