Monday, July 11, 2005

Shitmat's Rolf Harris Mashups

Shitmat has put out a call for people to remix/mess with/molest Rolf Harris tunes and some of the results have been awesome. He's going to host 100 of them on his website (follow the 'Rolf' link on the right), and then the best are getting stuck on vinyl. Apparently there's a prize for the best one, so all budding noisesmiths get to work now. He was up to 86 when I last checked so you haven't got long

What's doubly exciting is that I've done one (exciting for me at least...) so if you want to hear my first (and very probably my last) publicly available tune, download Hospitalised Animal by Pinguin. Bit of a racket, eh?

Aside from me, a few more repectable types have also joined in the mayhem, including Planet Mu's Chevron and EAP's EOD. I haven't downloaded all the tracks so I don't know if these are the best, but they're certainly good...

I never thought Rolf Harris could ever become culturally relevant but I've seen the light now. After me, 'Tie me kangaroo down, sport...'

Pinguin - Hospitalised Animal.mp3
EOD - Rolf's LSD Opera.mp3
EOD - Rabies Rolf.mp3
Chevvers - Tie Me Kangaroo Down.mp3
Kragle - Rolfy's Fantasy.mp3

Where can I get some Rolf source tracks? Sounds like it'd be good clean fun..

I used the mp3/wav sample on the officialsite
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