Saturday, July 23, 2005


.nsf stands for NES sound format. They are NES ROM images with all the graphics and stuff removed leaving just the music - so in each one you normally get the entire soundtrack to a game. So they're close to the best thing ever. And they're only a few kb each, so you can have unlimited beepy goodness

You need special players to play them - the one I use is a Winamp plugin called NotSo Fatso (available below)

NotSo Fatso.exe

It's not only the old games that you can listen to though - the people over at 2A03 (the name of the NES sound processor) have archived over 1000 original compositions by the likes of Nullsleep and others

You can get pretty much any game soundtrack you want through Google, but I've picked a few of my favourites. You'll be able to recognize a few of The Advantage's tracks, as well as those Saskrotch turned into amen-laced breakcore classics

Konami Kukeiha Club -
Konami Kukeiha Club - Castlevania
H Maezawa & K Sada -
Rob Hubbard - The Immortal.nsf
Nobuyuki & Marumo & N Kodaka et al - Journey to
Ogretsu, Manami, Ietel, YuukiChan - Megaman
Hiro 'Hip' Tanaka -
Brad Fuller - Tengen
Konchano - The Legend of

2A03 NSF

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