Monday, July 25, 2005

Kenneth James Gibson

Go here for my last post on him

The multi-aliased Kenneth James Gibson has joined forces with Orac's Konstantin Gabbro to set up a new label called Adjunct (not much of a website at the moment). Their first release came out today, intriguingly titled Volume One. Minlove has some samples of the record here ('Styro Vygor' by [a]pendics.shuffle is Gibson's contribution)

An exercise in branding it seems, each of KJG's personas produces distinctly different music, ranging from the dubby house of dubLoner to the frenetic IDM of Eight Frozen Modules. While he runs the risk of diluting any attention he might receive, it also adds an element of detective work to the discovery process

Eight Frozen Modules - Free Space Incesticide.mp3
Eight Frozen Modules - My Tawdry Efforts Lurk Inside The Finger Of A Pusherman.mp3
[a]pendics.shuffle - Soda Tune.mp3
[a]pendics.shuffle - Plop Skop.mp3
dubLoner - Clear Murk.mp3
Bal Cath - Acid Two.mp3

the man is proliphic to say the least!
that was me by the way! oops..
seems to be a trend amongst a few of the planet mu artists...
haha.. dude's life must be must eat, sleep, use granular plugin, repeat.
Eat sleep use granular plug in to masturbate to the inside of the compuetr to make music to throw at the wall....sounds more like it i think....just brilliant!
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