Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Secret of Monkey Island

I didn't own an Amiga, although I wish in a way I had one now, but I did get to play this game round at a friends house on his PC (I don't think I even had a computer at this point)

As with virtually every other old computer game, the soundtrack is pretty cool. I can't work out if I like music like this because I spent about 90% of my childhood sat zombified in front of one console or another and it has become a permanent fixture of my brain, or because it sounds similar to things like Ceephax Acid Crew etc.

For any die-hard fans, there is this film (part 1/part 2) made in tribute to the game, using lego...

The Secret of Monkey Island - SCUMM Bar.mp3
The Secret of Monkey Island - Main Theme.mp3

the phatt island tune is by far the best!
*tilts up a cup of grog*


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