Friday, April 15, 2005

Boards of Canada

Conscious or otherwise, the brand management at Warp is impeccable (or at least was, until around 2003 when the label still had focus, i.e no Beans/Gravenhurst/!!! etc clogging up the release schedule with excrement)

Aphex Twin's manufactured arrogance involving imprinting his own face into one of his tracks (not to mention onto the faces of little girls and anything else Chris Cunningham thinks of) and cruising around the countryside in a tank is reflected in his "contempt for the consumer" release schedule involving remix albums and the seemingly inexhaustable Analord series of EPs

Boards of Canada's irregular release schedule, on the other hand, reflects their reclusive nature, and their themes of memory, deja vu and the forgotten which are prevalent in their work. That they should have a series of old tapes that are almost impossible to get hold of is perfect - forgotten, inaccessible recordings similar to those fragments of memories that are irretrievably lost. It adds to the sense of mystery that surrounds Eoin and Sandison, and in turn this adds to their allure. A collection of these tapes sold on eBay in America fairly recently for something absurd like $700 - they are highly sought after, so you can imagine how pleased I was to follow Totally Fuzzy's link to a collection of mp3s taken from the tape Old Tunes Vol. 2

Boards of Canada - Sir Prancelot Brainfire.mp3
Boards of Canada - Orange Hexagon Sun.mp3
Boards of Canada - Hiscores.mp3
Boards of Canada - Iraq Says.mp3

i'm sure all those tracks are fakes, not all of them, just the old ones
yeah - not 100% about them. none sound like they have been recorded from tape which is a little curious, and 'iraq says' sounds more like osymyso. however, the other three do sound like BoC - fakes i've heard in the past really don't sound anything like them. authenticity aside, i really like the tunes and even if it isn't BoC, Sir Prancelot Brainfire is a great track
if this is boc, they must have sold all there synths to make twoism, which DOES sound like its off a tape. this sounds like some second rate toytronic stuff.
Personally I think the tapes are genuine. If you listen to all the tracks on Vol 1 & 2 you can hear enough clues to suggest the sure hand of BoC. Bare in mind that many of the tracks will be really early experiments before they found their 'sound'. Some are so un-BoC that it makes me think it actually is them. When Warp eventually release the box set, we'll know for sure...

I'm Fredd-E the new maintainer of the famous boc pages.

The three old tunes cassettes are 200% legit.

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