Thursday, November 25, 2004

Aphex Twin

Found this recently - its both cds of Drukqs played simultaneously...

Nice idea? Maybe. Some of it sounds pretty noisy, other parts sound sublime.

You decide...

Aphex Twin - Drukqs (both cds played simultaneously).mp3

It's amazing how much of it actually works together - I can't believe this hasn't been 'doctored' in some way. But if it's for real, well...that would make RDJ some sort of genius, wouldn't it?
don't know anything about the creator or method of creation - his website seems a little broken...
even though the front page is a bit broken, i managed to stumbled onto something on bungeebot's website..

interesting stuff!
Hey, I put the mix back up on my site if you're interested in dloading it. Sorry about the site's brokenness, but I've been simply too busy to work on it, and I don't really think too many people go to it anyway, but I'll fix it all in good time.

-Zack (bungeebot)
I've been listening the same CD and I think they are an amazing band so you must add more about them because this hasn't been a bad project enough. 2j3j
This is so nice the fusion of sounds is something perfect, I'd like to get more works like these ones in order to improve my knowledge and also to improve my project.
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